1947 LLC is a full-service textile solution provider, striving to ensure our clients receive quality service and cutting-edge technologies.


Founded in May 2014 by two industry veterans with nearly 40 years of experience combined, 1947 LLC is a full-service textile solution provider specializing in military, tactical, and industrial products. 1947 LLC has extremely strong relationships with all domestic weavers of nylon, polyester, nylon/cotton and cotton substrates.

The founders have been able to team up with the most experienced dyers, printers, coaters, and finishers in the global textile industry. All of these relationships allow 1947 LLC to have the flexibility to provide customers with the best solution for their fabric and technology needs as well as the ability to develop and test new products.

1947 LLC develops and sources woven and knit fabrics globally. Our domestic partners produce to the highest quality standards with testing being completed by accredited labs. In Asia, 1947 LLC maintains a Shanghai office that ensures our customers will receive the same quality and service they experience in the US.


Ben Galpen

Co-Founder, Ben Galpen, has over 20 years of experience in the textile industry. Ben is one of the most knowledgeable and respected people in the textile industry. He has a BA in Communications from the University of Rhode Island.

Ed Ricci

Co-Founder, Ed Ricci, has over 25 years of experience in the textile industry. A 3rd generation textile executive in which for the past ten years was CEO of a group of textile companies in the United States and Asia. Through his vast experience and previous responsibility for over 6000 textile workers worldwide innovation has always been a top priority. He has a BS in Marketing from Boston College and an MBA from Bryant University.

Bryan Boulis

Vice President of Sales, Bryan Boulis, has over 35 years of broad woven textile experience sourcing fabrics both domestically and globally for a wide variety of end users. He has a BS in Business Administration from Stonehill College.


1947 LLC is the exclusive international distributor of the MULTICAM® brand of fabrics & webbings. Given their vast experience with the brand and extensive knowledge of the industry, Crye Precision™ has tasked 1947, LLC to provide the crucial duties related to quality control, customer support, product development, and brand growth. Only 1947 LLC will be responsible for new MULTICAM® fabric development in the US as well as the exclusive right to international MULTICAM® fabric sales and distribution.


1947 LLC has partnered with Texcel Industries to be their exclusive international and new business development partner.

Texcel Industries has been a leader in the manufacturing of military solid and camouflage webbing for over 18 years. Texcel has been involved in almost every major military contract, including IOTV, OTV, ILBE, FILBE, PLATE CARRIER, MTV, IMTV and MOLLE COMPONENTS. Texcel was also the first approved supplier of AOR1 and AOR2 for use in Special Forces programs. With over a billion yards of webbing in the field, Texcel has proven to be a leader in integrity, pricing, quality, and on-time delivery.



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1947, LLC


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Minfu International, Ltd.

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MultiCam® Fabric:
Please contact Ben Galpen at Ben.Galpen@1947llc.com or 401-439-6505.

New Business Ventures, Timepiece and 47PRO6 chemistry:
Please contact Ed Ricci at Ed.Ricci@1947llc.com or 401-465-9830.

Industrial, Apparel Fabrics, and Webbing Sales:
Please contact Bryan Boulis at Bryan.Boulis@1947llc.com or 508-801-3685.

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